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UK Fire Cadets Casualty Care Challenge 2022

The UK Fire Cadet ‘Casualty Care’ Challenge will bring together teams of young Fire Cadets from across the UK to give them the opportunity to meet other Cadet teams, share experiences and represent their fire service in this prestigious national competition.

The UK Fire Cadet Challenge, hosted by West Midlands Fire Service in Birmingham, is being included formally as part of the UKRO West Midlands Festival of Rescue 2022.

In a series of fun and exciting challenges, Fire Cadets from each team will test their knowledge and skills in the areas of scene safety, casualty care, communication and delegation of roles.

Each team will be made up of three Cadet casualty carers, aged between 16 and 18 years, who will test themselves against realistic first aid scenarios. Like all other UKRO challenges, each one will involve ‘live’ casualties (using professional actors).

The challenge consists of two scenarios. One is a standard scenario involving a single casualty and the other is a complex scenario involving two casualties.

The challenge is a fantastic opportunity for Cadets to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in casualty care, and for them to develop confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills in a realistic training environment.

Find out more about the challenge, including objectives, benchmarks, health and safety and more in our challenge programme.

A score sheet, which will be used by UKRO assessors, is also available.

If your Fire Cadets' team has not been selected and wants to join the UK Fire Cadets' Casualty Care Challenge, please email [email protected].

Please complete the registration form via the link below and, additionally, complete the indemnity form also linked below.


The UK Fire Cadet ‘Casualty Care’ Challenge will take place on Saturday 1 October at the UKRO Festival of Rescue in Birmingham.


Posted on July 19, 2022

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