What does the Fire Cadet challenge involve?

Many fire and rescue services across the UK have Fire Cadets.

This year, we’re delighted to give several cadets the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment and casualty care skills, alongside firefighters, in this national competition.

The confidence-boosting challenge is designed to develop the cadets’ personal life skills as well as show how they would look after someone who’s been injured. It’s open to all Fire Cadets aged 16 to 18.

There’s one place each for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, two for England and one for West Midlands Fire Service who are hosting this year’s Festival of Rescue.

The competition will run on Saturday 1 October and involves teams of three cadets undertaking two scenarios each.

Standard challenge: One casualty with simple injuries and one bystander.

Complex challenge: Two casualties, one needing resuscitation and the other with simple injuries. The teams have nine minutes to give casualty care and one minute to explain to an assessor what they found and the treatment they gave.

Fire Cadet Challenge Venue

The Fire Cadet Casualty Challenges are taking place at our main festival site, Smithfield.


Challenge Timetable for the 30th Sept

Team Name Registration time Run Off
Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service 10:50 10:55 Standard
West Midlands Fire & Rescue Service 11:15 11:20
South Wales Fire & Rescue Service 11:40 11:45
Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue Service 12:05 12:10
Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service 12:30 12:35
South Wales Fire & Rescue Service 13:45 14:00 Complex
Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue Service 14:10 14:25
Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service 14:45 14:50
Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service 15:10 15:15
West Midlands Fire & Rescue Service 15:35 15:40
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